Our Food

At Port XIV we say that only half of our cooking is done in the kitchen, the rest we say was done in nature. This is evident in our dishes, where we aim to transfer the natural goodness direct from farm to table.

This is achieved through sourcing the freshest of ingredients from our farm located just south of Asilah where we source seasonal fruits & vegetables , honey, olives and beef. All other products are always

locally sourced as we aim to harness Morocco s abundance of  quality fruits & vegetables, which are in their own right enjoyed the world over. All fish & seafood is also locally sourced from Asilah, Larache &

Tangier with the only exception being our oysters which are sourced from Morocco's oldest oyster farm founded in 1929 located in Oualidia on the Atlantic coast. In addition to our policy of sourcing our

ingredients locally we also operate our own exclusive house olive oil which is also produced in our farm from our 25 year old olive trees. The majority of our dishes utilize our olive oil and if you would like some 

extra to go with your complimentary daily baked bread and tapenade, just ask.


Our Policy

At Port XIV we operate a zero plastic policy were in we do not utilize plastic bottles in our operation. All drinks bottles are in glass form which are subsequently recycled. Although there is no legally enforced

need for restaurants to be smoke free in Morocco we choose to operate a smoke free environment at Port XIV, this is done to create a neutral environment and to protect our diners & open kitchen from second

hand smoke . Smoking is however permitted in our outdoor terrace and also in our designated smoking area located outside.